The girl behind YourBieberFacts :)

So this is me. My name is Kate and I’m the girl behind this blog.



A lot of you have been asking - ever since I have started this blog - for a picture of mine bc you have been wanting to know what I look like, so after all the years of saying no here you go. I don’t look anything special, I’m a very ordinary looking girl. I’m Kate and I live in the Philippines.

I started this blog when I was 15 when I felt like I have no one to share all the good things I know about Justin. Whenever I talk to my friends about Justin, they’d look at me as if they’re saying “bitch, stop. We know, Justin blah blah blah. Whatever. We don’t care.” So I made this blog. At first, it was all for fun because I get to post anything I know about him and not feel alone because Beliebers gets into fangirl mode with me. :D

This is the decision I have never regretted in my life. EVER! I never knew this blog would get that much attention, that is the one thing I never expected. I’m not the kind of girl who would do anything they could to get attention, it just happened. One day I woke up and realized I have posted 1200+ facts, reached 25k followers, and over 800K+ blog visit. I am so thankful.

I have never been the famous girl in school, I never had that much friends, I am an introvert, I am socially awkward, I sometimes feel less important, I am self conscious, I am not confident, I feel alone most of the time. But every time I log on this blog, I don’t feel any of that. I FEEL IMPORTANT, I FEEL LIKE I BELONG HERE.

I had a second family because of this blog, not just fangirls fangirling with me. Every message (love/hate) keeps me going everyday. Many of you might think of me as someone AWESOME. But truth be told, I’m not. I feel like a loser ALL THE TIME. This blog, my followers, every single person who messages me makes me feel like I am somebody and I only feel that when I am with you guys. I even had the guts to share my singing hobby with you (I don’t show that off to most people because I suck).

But most of all, I am thankful for the person named JUSTIN DREW BIEBER. Whom even though there is probably no chance of me meeting you in person, helped me in general. I could write a book from just saying how much I love him and how thankful I am of him. You made me strong, you gave me inspiration. Haters or some people might not understand how a celebrity who barely knows I exist can give this much impact on me, but Beliebers know.

I’ll be 18 tomorrow (I have been with you for 3 years wow!) and I know I have absences here and I don’t post that much anymore (I’m in my 3rd year of college, you’ll understand how busy it can be when you get here)  but I hope this LOOOOONG message of mine would give you a hint that I would never stop blogging and posting on this blog. I AM SO THANKFUL OF YOU GUYS. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU.

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Anonymous asked:
Can I date you justin your so hot and can I do sex with you babe


kidrauhlslover asked:
On a scale from 1-100 if you could how many times would you fuck Justin(;

don’t put a scale on it cause I’d do it every night.


punkofbieber asked:
OMG! I love your blog so much!:) your blog makes me happy! Idk why lol, you are so talented! I wish you all the best!:) and I wish you will meet Justin someday!:) love you.<3

yaaaay! THANK YOU! :)