Anonymous asked:
Can I date you justin your so hot and can I do sex with you babe

kidrauhlslover asked:
On a scale from 1-100 if you could how many times would you fuck Justin(;

don’t put a scale on it cause I’d do it every night.

punkofbieber asked:
OMG! I love your blog so much!:) your blog makes me happy! Idk why lol, you are so talented! I wish you all the best!:) and I wish you will meet Justin someday!:) love you.<3

yaaaay! THANK YOU! :)

proudofnialler asked:
Hi I just want to say I love your blog! I just found it today and I already fell in love with it! Btw, I'm a Filipino belieber too <3 Kamusta? ;) xx

Hey! Salamat :)

chanelrosie asked:
Sorry for spamming you with likes! I just saw Justin's Believe Tour a few days ago and I've just fallen in love with him all over again. (Not that I ever stopped loving him) Your blog is amazing! Keep it up :)x

you lucky bitch! :D I’m so happy for you and jealous at the same time haha

teenaqerwbu asked:
Have u been to justin concert ??

sex-and-tricks asked:
I could stay hours in your tumblr and I won't will get tired, I love here, really, It's wonderfull! I love everything here (: , I guess brazil loves your blog (or guess I love your blog kkk)

aaaw… thanks <3

justinbieber-updates asked:
I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Your Facts give me a Feeling like I know Justin myself and that means VERY much to me... Answer me with a GIF.. I wanna see which one you choose for me ;D

thank you! :D

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